A Return to Our Humanity
Commentary on the Minoan Tarot created by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
By Stewart S. Warren, poet & evocateur

For me, the entry to this deck is about color. I am welcomed and welcomed again. The work (and play) that I do here is framed and sustained in an essence I will simply call “sublime blue.” It is a “hello” from an ancient past, perhaps a truer existence, that has been brought forward to be the possibilities of our new humanity—the sensual sea and the trustworthy sky at the horizon of our dawning. All the other colors presented in this deck follow in the same tone of accessibility and nurturing mystery. My eyes are opened by this deck, as familiar resonances sing songs of remembrance. Art, the powerful and unique expression of humankind that is the act of our living, has been exalted and restored to its rightful place in the Minoan Tarot.

The archetypes in the cards are not contrived or forced as we sometimes see in the influence of later Western thought and religion, but arrive naturally—from Nature—as easily as a butterfly turning in the wind that needs no explanation nor additional layer of meaning. Are we not also this?

I am encouraged by a symbolism that offers narratives, narratives of a life in which inner and outer are not drastically delineated and therefore in need of psychic surgery or a martyred search for a distant Divine—old paradigm philosophy that insists on seeing itself in terms of separation—but enactments of integral harmony with all existence, cosmic and immediate. The activities in these cards speak to an inherent integration, a wholeness that underlies life, specifically our human life. Goodness, not an abstraction but a visceral reality, is already in place here. We begin from health and move on to find innovating ways to express brilliance and beauty.

I am drawn joyfully into Ellen’s deck as it is a safe container and fertile field into which I can flow the eager image of my true humanity, of a self I have missed in the fray of material scientism. Her straightforward and heart-centered commentary on the cards creates pathways with handholds and guides that beckon to me, “delight in existence, in the everyday miracle of your personhood.”

The golden, double headed axe, or Labrys, on the card backs immediately invokes unity, the marriage of all polarities. And this ceremonial tool is beautiful! Its opposing lunar-like curves and central vertical handle are a continual reminder of what blooms within our core, of virtuous and joyous acts that arrive spontaneously from a well-nourished soul. The soft but strong “star nursery red” background is a song in itself, a sustaining presence. All is mysterious yet friendly here, a welcoming indeed.

- by Stewart S. Warren,

Publishing coach, facilitator & community organizer

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