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Order: Tarot of the Crone
- 3rd Ed. Published April 2017

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Originally sold in 2002 as a handmade limited edition, the Tarot of the Crone is Ellen’s first deck. The new (3rd Ed.) publication came out Spring 2017 and is now available for order!

The Tarot of the Crone is inspired by the ancient holy one. She is grandmother, witch, and hag. She has been ignored or trivialized because she holds powers that others fear or deny. Powers of time and transformation, of death and shadow, of wisdom and pain, of magic and wonder.

Major Arcana:
The Major Arcana represent times when the Crone speaks directly to your soul, requiring a look at the deep forces at work.
High Priestess Wheel 17 Star

II ~ High Priestess

I am the Oracle

As Keeper of the Circle
I speak for my sisters

As Keeper of Secrets
I speak for the stars

I know where Power lies

I speak only Truth
I speak only Silence
I speak in a language
Few understand

X ~ Wheel

I am the Mistress of Fate

You walk in patterns I set
You walk in paths you choose
And paths you don’t

You will turn and turn again

Every path
Leads you home

XVII ~ Star

I am the Queen of Heaven

Look up
To the night sky
I am all that you see

I am the vastness of your spirit
I am She who holds worlds in her hands
I am She who hears your prayers

Look up
Open your heart
Wide as the night sky

The Wands represent the element of Fire and one's spirit, vitality, and personality.
Ace of Wands 3 of Wands Beast of Wands

Ace of Wands ~ Will

There is Power burning in this world

If I can put my finger on it
It will be mine

Three of Wands ~ Magic

I set my intention
In sacred space

I touch Creation

Together we bring into Being

What has not Been
Before now

Beast of Wands ~ Cat

I am Hunter and Lover
I am the gift of Heat

The Cups represent the element of Water and the paths of emotion, devotion, and dream.
2 of Cups 3 of Cups Witch of Cups

Two of Cups ~ Desire

There is One
Whom I would love above all others
I see Her, smell Her
Hear Her voice in my blood

How can She be resisted
When She is my own self singing?

Three of Cups ~ Communion

Together we are One
Together we are More

Together we know love

She is the One
And I am One because of Her

Witch of Cups ~ Siren

Where the waves dance
Where the stars and tides align

There I celebrate my passion
There I abandon restraint
There I create movement
That will last a thousand years

The Swords represent the element of Air and the powers of mind, thought, and ability.
Ace of Swords 3 of Swords Grandmother of Swords

Ace of Swords ~ Thought

In my Sight
In my Mind
Is the Power to Perceive

The One or the Many
Worlds of Creation

Three of Swords ~ Inspiration

Within confusion
I find my way

I find a place to discover
Thoughts greater than my own

Grandmother of Swords ~ Storyteller

I am a weaver of words
A teller of stories

The little ones learn
How the world is woven

The Disks represent the element of Earth and one’s self, home and world.
3 of Disks 4 of Disks 9 of Disks

Three of Disks ~ Family

We live this life
We share this road
Hold my hand
Let’s walk together

You are someone I cannot help but need
You are someone I cannot help but love

Four of Disks ~ Home

I have the key
I shut the door

These are my things

I need my body safe and comfortable
For my soul to be free

Nine of Disks ~ Community

Together we build

Home for us all

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