Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
Published by Arnell’s Art 2013

Commentary by Anita Perez

I have just received the Dark Goddess Tarot, by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince -and I must say- the images are very striking and stark. Some are gorgeous, with a poster-like quality- the colors rich, vibrant and stirring. Others are- frankly- disturbing and murky, but they are supposed to be. Not all of life is happy and sunny, and these illustrate that in an unmistakable way.

I like the cultural diversity of the images and their sources. So many times a deck that is supposed to be "multi-cultural" has only an image or two originating from places that are not really that different from each other- like the old-school 'world cuisine' cookbooks, that feature selections from France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, with perhaps one watered-down token version of a dish from Greece or China, and call that 'The World'.

This deck is NOT one of those!

Ellen has done the complete opposite- showing some very stylized yet graphic interpretations of truly harrowing mythological figures. Some of these images are from cultures that are routinely ignored, or usually dealt with on a completely superficial level. None of this violates a certain artistic standard of good taste, and yet the edginess and grit is there, intact and unabashed, for all to see. This is not a horror movie of a deck, but you will not be inundated with Unicorn farts, either. If you like everything to be 'nice' and prefer to eschew the shadow side, walk away now, and don't look back- you won't like what you see following along in the umbra of your receding self. Sometimes your hair will stand on end, and you will need to turn on the overhead lights, and check the door locks.

Fans of Santa Muerte, Durga, the Morrigan and Kali- this one's for you!

Shared on Anita Perez' Facebook Page, August 25, 2013

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