Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
Published by Arnell’s Art 2013

Leslie Cochran

I just received the Dark Goddess Tarot , a beautiful deck of 78 cards from original paintings by artist Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. The goddesses or mythical feminine figures are refreshingly mysterious, disturbing, even one might say depictions of 'the feminine behaving badly' - but that is just on the surface. Acceptance and honor of the 'dark side' or shadow is the exploration that the Dark Goddess Tarot provides in compelling diversity. Some of these goddesses/feminine archetypes like Persephone and Kali are familiar to me, others, such as Nut and Baba Yaga I have passing acquaintance with and now want to learn more. Still others were completely foreign to me. I immediately connected with the Strength card: 'Samovila' a beautiful shining figure in the deep woods with her 'ursine' companion. Ellen's entry for Samovila is: " Slavic Guardian of the Forest" "be wild, and be whole". (I think that is going to be my new mantra). A little research reveals that Samovila is a protector of animals, a shape-shifter, and originated in the region of Yugoslavia. My first introduction to this goddess, and she is special to me now as I have some Yugoslavian ancestry and feel very much a fierce protector of animals!

Each card is a meditation in goddess imagery and symbolism, with a very pleasing bright color palette and slate gray backgrounds. I can't even begin to explain the impact and creative power of these images. I want to take time now and learn about Nine of Earth 'Blodeuwedd', a Welsh goddess with a 'flower face'. The artist's take on this is not what would immediately come to mind - very imaginative.

I feel that for many this deck will be about that kind of discovery and connection with parts of yourself as yet undiscovered or unnamed. Another I am glad to see included is the Black Madonna as the Empress. For me she speaks to the familiar yet mysterious, and not quite the Mary too neatly defined in my childhood catechism.

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince's Dark Goddess Tarot is gorgeous and thought provoking. The booklet is printed (in color!) and the short descriptions for each card are perfect pivot points for further study. Beautifully printed and impeccably packaged and published by Arnell Ando (Arnell's Art.)

Leslie Cochran
Creator of the Dreamythology Tarot

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