Review for "Dark Goddess Tarot Companion"
by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
Published by Natural Press

Commentary by Anita Perez

Since these cards represent Archetypal Goddesses, some of whom are obscure and from cultures that are not often encountered along the beaten path in Modern Mainstream Western Culture, the companion book was a much anticipated aid to their use.

The deck is packaged with the expected Little White Book- but each card received only a line of text by way of explanation. These brief notations were often as cryptic as they were poetic, and did not provide a great deal of detail.

Also, since the Goddesses often did not seem to be engaged in action with other characters in the illustrations, it was probably difficult for many readers to infer what the meanings were, and how they applied to the querant's questions.

This book clears up a great deal of that confusion, by explaining what each Goddess stands for, the qualities she embodies, what her abilities and functions are, and at least some of the back-story associated with each one. There are engaging details about the cultures that each Goddess belongs to, and explanations about the various symbols, colors and shapes that appear. The greater detail enhances the comprehensiveness of the cards, and expands their range of usefulness.

I found it interesting that each Goddess is dedicated to a person or group, either in the Tarot Community, or in the world we all live in. As a person who has interacted with many of the individuals named, I could often see how the selections were made. Character, situations and tone were all used as criteria in matching personalities with the Goddesses.

I was also very touched to see a card dedicated to the People of Haiti, (Hag of Fire- Maman Brigitte), and another to the People of Fukushima (Witch of Water- Haya-Akitsu-Hime).

All in all, this book is clear, well written, and rich in nuance, making it an excellent companion to the deck, and rendering it much more understandable for the average reader, as well as those who operate at more heady levels of practice. It does not bog the reader down in esoteric points that are largely irrelevant, but sticks to the kind of information that yields insight, and is likely to apply to issues that are of concern to the querant.

Thank you, Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, for your craftsmanship and insight.

Shared on Anita Perez' Page, April 26, 2014

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