Minoan Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Review by Janet Berres

Having been a fan of Ellen Lorenzi-Prince since her first deck, The Tarot Of The Crone, published in 2007, and loving her recent 2013 Dark Goddess Tarot, I was eagerly awaiting her Minoan Tarot. And I wasn’t disappointed!

The clean, simple lines and bright colors that make up the cards were reminiscent of the Minoan pictures I have seen. I particularly liked Major Arcana 2, Oracle (the High Priestess in other decks) and Minor Arcana card Sky 7 (7 of Swords in traditional decks). The owl in Sky 7, that represents stealth and far-seeing vision is a perfect symbol of secrets and hidden motives that the 7 of Swords can show. The court cards consist of “Worker”, “Priestess”, “Master” and “Mistress”, in that order; they have replaced Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The suits of the deck are divided into Earth, Sea, Sky and Art. Art is associated with the Fire element, the Divine spark that sets us apart from other creatures and lets us understand our connection to the Goddesses and Gods. Earth is the earth element, of course, Sky is the air element, and Sea is the water element. These changes keep the deck cohesive while still leaving openings for new ways of looking at the cards.

Ellen’s explanatory “Little White (—in reality-- Blue) Book” is indispensible for understanding the subtle meanings and reasons that a particular picture was chosen for a particular card. It is mandatory reading, and very helpful and profound messages are given to go with each card.

The Minoan Tarot is an interesting and thought provoking deck.

~ Janet Berres, of the illustrious World Tarot Congresses

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